Mission Statement:  Since 1949, SOS Children's Villages have been striving for the welfare of the children in need of care and protection.




Founded in 1949 and working in 136 countries and territories across five continents, every day they help thousands of children around the world to secure a better future.

By reaching out to vulnerable children and families early on, SOS Children's Villages help to transform their lives forever.

  • They work with communities and families to tackle the root causes of poverty. 

  • In emergencies, they are the first to respond, helping to rebuild lives, because children deserve more than just survival.

  • They support pregnant women, many trafficked and forced into prostitution, to escape the poverty trap and provide a secure future for their children.

Their work seeks to address both the cause and effect, intervening early, strengthening families, providing care for children, and advocacy for deeper, more meaningful systematic change. 

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What can your donation do?


£5 a month could pay to provide safe, clean water for an SOS family home in Nepal.

£12 a month could pay for a child in Haiti to go to school.

£20 a month could pay for a traumatised Syrian child in Jordan to receive counselling.


A one-off £5 donation could pay for a child in Bolivia to have pens, paper and books for school.

A one-off £12 donation could pay for a meal for two families living in poverty in Somalia.

A one-off £20 donation could pay for a winter coat for a child in Peru.