S-L: Printed by the lovely people at Print.Work onto their Unicorn White stock: thick and chunky, 250-300gsm, 100% recycled from post-consumer waste, FSC Certified paper, with a smooth visual finish and subtly textured feel. 


XL+: Locally printed by the friendly crew at Bristol Print Centre onto sustainably sourced, thick, lasting, 260gsm Giclée Satin stock, with bold and vivid colouring.


Via Work For Good UK, 50% of this sale is donated evenly between Rainforest Trust UK, Friends Of The Earth Charitable Trust, WWF UK, The Hunger Project UK, and Ocean Generation. Find out more here.



Ebuka Pascal Agudiegwu (@agu_diegwu) is a self-taught artist ( b. 1997, Kano, Nigeria)and currently resides in Abuja, Nigeria. He graduated from Imo state University with a B.Sc in Biochemistry in the year 2019. Despite not having an formal training in Art during his formative years, he managed to develop he skill in making art in different mediums. In 2017, he took a turn and ventured into art professionally, when he realized he could use his art as a tool to pass concise messages that would influence a positive change in his immediate environment and beyond. Ebuka loves to draw and paint, and his creative instinct has enabled him carve a niche in the realm of figurative surrealism. He loves to explore his creativity with the use of charcoal, graphite, ink, pastel, acrylic, oil paint, salt and even candle flames soot. His works are elaborate, and they challenge the critical life issues that questions norms and traditions.


He is deeply fascinated by the mutual relationship between man and plant, and that ignited a sense of consciousness towards his environment. As a teenager, he developed great interest in the interplay between man and plants and also the need to further highlight on the importance of sustaining these relationship. That fueled his subconscious mind in bringing to reality, through his creativity, a perfect visual representation of life.

As an artist he sees himself as a mirror and perceives his works to be a visual reflection of his subjective view as regards to my environment in relation to both past and recent happenings.His interest in connecting these two important entities and representing them as one has played a vital role in his creativity, by influencing his artistic expression and as well enabling him to leverage on the eventualities of self discovery, absolute confidence, and genuine expressions.


The prime focus of his works involves certain challenging issues affecting humanity such as, black inferiority complex, gender equality, racism, colorism, tribalism, addiction, societal neglect, child abuse, extrajudicial killings to mention a few. His intention is to rejuvenate the consciousness of my viewers through my works thereby provoking their thoughts and adjusting conversations to redress these societal issues challenging humanity.