10x10" framed print, as seen in Grounded Cafes.


Printed by the lovely people at Print.Work onto their Unicorn White stock: thick and chunky, 250-300gsm, 100% recycled from post-consumer waste, FSC Certified paper, with a smooth visual finish and subtly textured feel. 


Via Work For Good UK, 50% of this sale is donated evenly between Rainforest Trust UK, Friends Of The Earth Charitable Trust, WWF UK, The Hunger Project UK, and Ocean Generation. Frame costs not included in calculations. Find out more here.

Go Outside, Heal Inside (Framed)


Damon Sheeley (@sheeleyco) is a Portland, Oregon based visual artist. He's had an interest in visual design and art for the better part of his life but had difficulty finding direction with it until the last couple of years, when he started finding his true voice within it. He finds inspiration in the natural world and beyond. His goal is to bring those elements into his work in a way that feels warm, peaceful and imaginative.