Framed A3 print, as seen in Grounded Cafes.


Printed onto recycled silk, 200gsm paper.


Via Work For Good UK, 50% of this sale is donated evenly between Rainforest Trust UK, Friends Of The Earth Charitable Trust, WWF UK, The Hunger Project UK, and Ocean Generation. Frame costs not included in calculations. Find out more here.

Dēloun (Framed)


Nänni-pää (@nanni_paa) is an illustrator that focuses on a linear and minimal style of drawing that plays with an isomeric perspective. Featuring large butts & strong women, her style is low brow, yet touches on love, utopia, womanhood, struggles of day to day life, spirituality & our connection to nature & the self.


Her lighthearted approach is born out of her playful nature & belief that life should not be taken as seriously as prescribed. Boxes are placed around her drawings which feature memories & keys to the story at hand. Animals that feature in her pieces are a symbol of the characters' inner personalities, these are normally surrounded by smaller, inner people, that symbolise inner voices that either sooth or wreak havoc.