Printed by Mixam on 100% recycled stocks. Front and back covers onto 350gsm recycled silk; contents onto 190gsm recycled, uncoated paper.


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Argenta - A Fantasy Colouring Book

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Argenta is the fantasy world created by Swiss illustrator Simon Hintermann (@aurumek). It is a realm with many similarities to our own, but stands out insofar as its inhabitants have learned how to co-exist with the land, without suffocating or destroying it. Reminiscent of the ways of living of many indigenous cultures from our own planet, the beings of Argenta have found a harmony with the land that gives them space to breathe.


Alongside the 17 beautiful designs that are inside the book to be coloured in, come snippets or information and insights into the mindful and magical ways of being that make Argenta what it is. With the turn of each page, there is new beauty to see, new space to be found, and new opportunity to make this creative space your own relaxing retreat.